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HartNamtemah’s team is comprised of experts in African business who have worn many hats and are well equipped to assist you in launching and growing your startup. We’ve worked with African entrepreneurs and startups around the world, helping them launch, scale, and sell companies. We’ve developed successful sales and marketing plans, served on startup advisory boards, put together business development deals, and more.

HartNamtemah has an in-depth understanding of the African market. Our business consulting services are unique because we take a thorough, hands-on approach. We become fully engaged in the day-to-day operations of your business. Our services are based on a high level of analytical criticism and capacity, and we rely on a combination of timely data and previous experience to make decisions. We offer accelerated decision-making and timely execution while actively and passionately participating in any ventures or projects we pursue. The following are business services we offer: 

Many startups struggle to raise funds for their businesses. HartNamtemah is a leader in investment sourcing, regularly providing matching services to startups seeking funding and investors looking for compelling African…
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HartNamtemah has a wealth of experience launching and scaling startups as well as mentoring African entrepreneurs. We share our in-depth knowledge about startups and African business through our consulting activities.…
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We plan, analyze, and execute future ventures and develop partnership propositions. Our work begins with identifying the vision and mission of a business, and then we develop a plan of…
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HartNamtemah advises startups on all things tech from a strategic and scalable perspective. Our technology services focus on helping you best use technology to meet your business objectives.
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HartNamtemah can assist you in developing your company’s brand image by conducting market research and surveys. Our marketing consultants can also help you determine which sales and marketing initiatives are…
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Human Resources
Effective human resource management is key to the success of any organization. Through our connections, HartNamtemah helps startups recruit highly skilled professionals to be a part of their management team…
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