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In the Community

Want to learn more about HartNamtemah’s work in the community? By helping African entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, HartNamtemah is able to drive economic growth and create jobs throughout Africa. But our contributions don’t stop there. We’re also focused on connecting with local communities to help Africa and strive to impact the world through philanthropic projects. 

It’s common for companies to create wealth first and then give back to the community after the fact. At HartNamtemah, our philosophy is different. From day one, we’ve been focused on working alongside organizations to address some of humanity’s most pressing issues. Together, we carry out extensive work to help individuals and communities build a fairer society and a more sustainable future. 

Our Culture and Values 

Social responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We strive to get involved and build links between the businesses we work with and their local communities. Our goal is to make a difference while having fun along the way! Some projects we’re involved in include raising money for local African charities and volunteering our time to help the less fortunate. We aim to be active in the communities in which we operate and to forge partnerships with organizations around the globe. We actively support community-based programs that are designed to bring sustainable, positive change to underserved populations. 

We want the communities we work in to prosper as our company grows. By supporting the people around us, we are also able to strengthen our business and build valuable relationships. We target our support where it is needed most and believe that through giving our time and expertise, we can contribute positively to the common good. Contact HartNamtemah today for more information about our long-term community projects. 

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